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Expired Flares

In Tasmania, flares are an option in Sheltered Waters and must be carried in Coastal Waters
Pyrotechnic flares have a maximum service life of three years.

What to do with old flares?

Marine and Safety Tasmania has arranged a number of collection points at Council Waste Management Centres. For Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality the official collection point is at the Orford Waste Management Centre but check with your local Check the
Council website for opening hours.

Expired EPIRB

Expired EPIRB's are still capable of sending a distress signal that will prompt an emergency response including tasking a Search and Rescue aircraft  from Melbourne
. If you have an old, expired EPIRB get in touch and we'll dismantle it and responsibly dispose of the components.

Please don't dispose of expired flares with household rubbish.

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