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2013 Tasmanian Water Safety Award
Awarded by the Tasmanian Water Safety Council for commitment to community water safety
in recognition of the unit's delivery of accredited recreational boat licence training and assessment with particular focus on boating safety, conditions and hazards to be experienced on Tasmania's lower east coast.

2017 Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Citizen of the Year
Unit Commander's Award. Presented by the late Mayor Michael Kent, in recognition the contribution to the community through leadership of the volunteer marine rescue unit, membership of Council's Marine Infrastructure and Emergency Management committees and executive membership of the Swansea Chamber of Commerce and 

2022 SLSA Rescue Medal
Awarded by Surf Life Saving Australia for the rescue of a kayak fisherman of Dolphin Sands Beach on 22 January 2022. The watertight integrity of the fisherman's kayak had been compromised through modifications, including the fitting of an electric outboard and battery. The kayak had filled with water and was substantially submerged with only a small air pocket keep the bow above water. The kayaker, without a lifejacket had been clinging to the kayak for around two hours before being rescued. 

2023 SLST Rescue of the Year
Awarded by Surf Life Saving Tasmania for the rescue of an injured solo yachtsman from a grounded yacht at Bryans Beach, lower Freycinet Peninsular, in the early hours of 11 September 2022. The rescue effort began with a callout by Tasmania Police at 02:55hrs with advice that the yachtsman had activated his emergency locator beacon at this remote location.  Freycinet VMR volunteers deployed by road to the nearest launching ramp at Coles Bay for a night transit to Bryans Beach where the yachtsman was successfully taken off his grounded yacht. He was transported back to Coles Bay and subsequently transferred by ambulance to Hobart. Tasmania Police were advised of the yacht's condition with a recommendation that it might be refloated on the next high tide - although at 20m with a draft of 3m it was beyond the Freycinet vessel's authorised capacity for towing. The yacht was successfully salvaged. 


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